Hi, I'm Tony Florida

I have my hands in a lot of different things online (see below).


Back in 2017, I had a strong urge to see the world. So that’s what I did!

Before digital nomading was a thing, I turned to the internet and experimented with various technologies and platforms.

What started out as a travel vlog turned into numerous websites ranging from a cereal blog to a diamond search engine and so many more.

Tony Florida travel to India Taj Mahal

The website you’re on right now is where I used to write about many different interests which I eventually split up into topic-specific blogs.

Below you will find links to most of my projects. Some are very profitable whiles others are just hobbies. My personality is spread across these websites, so find something that you like and check it out!

Tony Websites

These are my flagship websites, all of which are named with Tony. If I had a personal brand, these would be it.

Niche Blogs

The topics of these blogs appeal only to a small audience, but still interest me enough to write about them.

Speciality Websites

Using my software engineering skills, I built these websites and tools from scratch, hoping to provide value to everyone who uses them.