Tony’s Gear

What kind of gear do you use?” is the most common type of question I get from my YouTube followers. In order to quickly answer this question, I created this page that I can easily share with my audience.

I have three main kits—vlogging, podcasting, and video editing. While I certainly have more gear and accessories than what’s listed below, this is what I recommend for you.

Video Gear

After daily vlogging with a cell phone for over 100 days, I upgraded my vlogging gear to this kit. It consists of a mirrorless camera with lens, shotgun microphone with deadcat, and flexible tripod.

Podcasting Stuff

This is the technology I use to make podcasts. While you can make a podcast with nothing more than your cell phone, if you’re serious and want superior audio quality, I recommend the ATR2100 mic and Zoom H5 field recorder.

Video Editing

Here’s what I use to edit my videos. If you want to edit videos in 4k (which I highly recommend), make sure you get a powerful enough computer. I edit my videos with DaVinci Resolve—free video editing software that gives you 95% of the functionality of the $299 paid version.

Home Studio

In combination with my camera and microphone from above, this is the equipment that I use in my home studio where I record tech tutorial for my Tony Teaches Tech channel and my personal YouTube channel.