I ♥ Podcasts

I used to listen to podcasts every day during my 45 minute commute to work.  Although I don’t listen to podcasts as frequently anymore, I still consume my fair share.

Fast forward to today—I’ve been featured and interviewed on podcasts and was even a co-host for a few of my very own podcasts.

The 4501 Podcast

My former college roommate and I started The 4501 Podcast in 2019.  We both love talking about tech and travel, so we decided to start a podcast discussing these topics.

Fun fact: Marc and I are alumni of Loyola University Maryland, located at 4501 North Charles Street in Baltimore, which is where the podcast derives its name from.

During 2019, we published a new episode every single Tuesday. You can listen to our final episode below.

Two Kiwis in a Thing Podcast

During a 3 week guided tour of New Zealand, Talia and I discovered our shared interest in podcasts, so we decided to start our own just days after meeting each other.

We recorded our first episode inside a phone booth, and because we were in New Zealand, we decided to call it Two Kiwis in a Thing where the plan was to record each new episode inside a “new thing”.

The podcast is only a handful of episodes in total, but I cherish it because we ultimately used it as a way to document our travels through New Zealand, Laos, Thailand, and Japan together.

Hustle to Freedom Podcast

Ryan Helms, the host of the Hustle to Freedom podcast, reached out to me in late 2018 to interviewed me on his podcast. Of course I said yes!

This was my very first podcast interview. Although I was super nervous, I knew that I wanted podcasting in my future. The experience was great, and I think the episode went really well, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.  Give it a listen below.

Side Hustle School Podcast

I had the honor of having the story of my diamond price tracking website featured the Side Hustle School podcast with Chris Guillebeau.

Back in 2017, I created The Diamond App while I was still employed full time. I reached out to Chris and his team as part of my effort to get the word out about my new website. They loved my side hustle story and put me on the podcast as episode 150.

You can listen to the full episode below. The way that Chris speaks about the potential of The Diamond App is flattering.  Although I haven’t seen this sort of success with my website yet, I am still hopeful.

A couple years later, Chris went on to publish a book called 100 Side Hustles that has an even more detailed overview of The Diamond App.

My website is featured on page 150 and 151 of this book.

There have been a few times when I walked into a bookstore or a library to see this book prominently on display. It’s such a cool feeling knowing that my website is featured in there.