Do You Say Take a Shower, Have a Shower, or Get a Shower?

I’m going to “get a shower” is what I said my whole life. Maybe sometimes I would say “grab a shower”. It wasn’t until college that I heard others say “take a shower”. Most recently when I began traveling, I hear people say “have a shower”.

Is it correct to say take a shower, have a shower, or get a shower?

Do you say take a shower, have a shower, or get a shower?Pin

Let me first just come out and say that after my keyword research, I discovered that “take a shower” is most common.

Furthermore, “have a shower” and “get a shower” are not wrong. All three ways of expressing your desire to shower are semantically correct.

According to a study done at The University of Arizona, the words ‘have’, ‘take’, and ‘get’ act as light verbs in this case.

For instance, the verb have functions as a light verb in expressions such as have a rest. The verb is syntactically functional and participates in different conjugations (ie., He is having a rest). However, the expression does not mean ‘to own a rest’. Rather, light verbs are known as ‘helping’ predication of, for instance, complexes (ie., have a rest, take a shower).
― Mercedes Tubino Blanco, Contrasting Causatives: A Minimalist Approach

It seems like it depends on what part of the United States or what part of the world you are from. Like I said, it wasn’t until I went off to college and traveled overseas and met people from the United Kingdom and Australia that I began hearing the expression “take a shower” and “have a shower” respectively.

Take a Shower vs Have a Shower vs Get a Shower

This table summarizes the monthly search volume for take a shower, have a shower, and get a shower in the English speaking countries of United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.
 United StatesUnited KingdomAustralia
Take a shower4,400320170
Have a shower10260170
Get a shower110100

Although this study is rudimentary, it provides a general overview of the popularity of the phrases in each country. Here are some key takeaways.

  • The most popular way to express one’s desire to shower in the United States is “take a shower”
  • Significantly more people say “get a shower” than “have a shower” in the United States
  • “Have a shower” and “take a shower” are common in the United Kingdom
  • Saying “take a shower” is equally as common as “have a shower” in Australia
  • The most search volume for “have a shower” was in the United Kingdom
  • There is no search volume for “get a shower” in Australia

Do you say take, have, or get a shower? Let me know which one you say the most and where you’re from in the comments below, and check out some of my other language blog posts here.

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1 thought on “Do You Say Take a Shower, Have a Shower, or Get a Shower?”

  1. Australia = “have a shower” is the usual.

    United States = “take a shower” seems to be the norm.

    I’ve never heard anyone say “get a shower” though it sounds kind of like rough Aussie slang to me.

    I’m Australian and I used to say “have a shower” but “take a shower” sounds more correct I guess.

    I also used to say “I suppose so”. Now I say “I guess so”.

    It depends which nuances I like as to how I use them so where I’m from doesn’t matter I guess I suppose so.


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