41 Wicked Campers Camper Van Locations Around The World

In 2000, John Webb founded Wicked Campers in Brisbane, Australia. This once small Australian rental business has now grown to become a global camper van rental company. Today, locations include Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United States of America, Chile, Japan, and Africa.

Although considered controversial to some because of rude and offensive references and slogans painted on the exteriors of its camper vans, Wicked continues to grow and thrive.

Read on below for a complete list of Wicked Campers locations around the globe.

Wicked Campers camper vans

Wicked Campers Australia

With fourteen locations across Australia, Wicked has the most camper van rental locations of any country. Since it was founded in Australia, it’s no wonder this is the case.

After exploring the Great Ocean Road in a free camper van, I’ll be the first one to tell you that seeing Australia in a camper van is the best way to do it. Unfortunately, most camper van rentals are expensive. However, it seems like this company has a strong footing in the Australian camper van rental market as a budget friendly options for backpackers and locals alike.

1. Wicked Campers Adelaide

Located ideally along the coast of South Central Australia, Adelaide is the gateway to Perth, Alice Springs, Melbourne, and beyond.

2.Wicked Campers Airlie Beach

Flying into Sydney and thinking about heading out to the Great Barrier Reef? Drive a camper van from Sydney to Airlie Beach in the Whitsunday region of Queensland.

3. Wicked Campers Alice Springs

You can’t see the Australian outback and the famous Red Centre of Australia without a pit stop in historic Alice Springs. Wether you’re driving up from Adelaide or heading down from Darwin, Alice Springs is conveniently located halfway between these two Australian cities.

4. Wicked Campers Brisbane

Located halfway between the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast of Australia, you don’t want to miss the beauty and charm of this coastal capital of Queensland.

5. Wicked Campers Broome

Although it’s located well over 1,000 miles north of Perth, you will probably find yourself in Broome if you dare to make the trip along the northwestern coast of Australia to Darwin.

6. Wicked Campers Byron Bay

Not too far south of Brisbane, Byron Bay is a popular beach town that is worth paying a visit to on your camper van trip up the east coast of Australia.

7. Wicked Campers Cairns

As one of Australia’s northern most cities, Cairns is popularly known as the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

8. Wicked Campers Darwin

A popular Australia camper van route is Adelaide to Darwin or Darwin to Adelaide. Although this trip will take you clear across Australia, you will experience the desert heat of central Australia as well as the tropical climate of North Australia.

9. Wicked Campers Exmouth

All the way on Western Australia’s North West Cape, Exmouth is the gateway to Ningaloo Marine Park and your opportunity to see coral reefs, tropical fish, and pristine beaches.

10. Wicked Campers Hobart

Although Tasmania looks quite small on a map compared to mainland Australia, you will need at least a couple weeks to drive around the beautiful island of Tasmania in your camper van from Wicked Campers Tasmania.

11. Wicked Campers Melbourne

Chances are that you’ll begin your Australia journey in either Sydney or Melbourne. If you start in Melbourne, your camper van route might take you up the east coast of Australia towards Cairns or west along the Great Ocean Road toward Adelaide and Perth.

12. Wicked Campers Monkey Mia

As one of many small cities along the coast of Western Australia, you won’t leave Monkey Mia disappointed as you’re almost guaranteed to the famous bottlenose dolphins.

13. Wicked Campers Perth

A great place to kickoff your Western Australia camper van adventure is in the capital of Western Australia itself, Perth.

14. Wicked Campers Sydney

If you find yourself flying into Australia’s biggest airport in Sydney, this is a prefect city to begin your camper van adventure throughout Australia.

Wicked Campers NZ

With four locations—two on the North Island and two on the South Island—a camper van from Wicked Campers NZ is probably the best way to experience New Zealand. As you might imagine, New Zealand has a seemingly endless plethora of natural beauty just waiting for you to explore.

15. Wicked Campers Auckland

While Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city, you probably won’t want to spend too much time here… there’s just so much natural beauty waiting for you outside the city. Since you will most likely be flying into Auckland, Wicked has a convenient Auckland location that you can rent your camper van from.

16. Wicked Campers Christchurch

While Christchurch is located on the east coast of the South Island, this New Zealand city is a prefect starting off point for your New Zealand camper van road trip.

17. Wicked Campers Wellington

Although Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, the population is only an eighth of Auckland and is a fantastic city to spend a few days exploring.

18. Wicked Campers Queenstown

Known as the adventure capital of the world, you will probably find yourself at least passing through Queenstown if you plan on bungee jumping or skydiving in New Zealand.

Wicked Campers Europe

Wether your plan on road tripping through all of Europe or want to take it slow in a single country, Wicked has you covered with eight European locations.

19. Wicked Campers Amsterdam

As a result of it being located less than three miles from one of the top 15 largest airports in the world, Wicked is ideally located for your European camper van adventures.

20. Wicked Campers Barcelona

You could probably spend months traveling through Spain alone, and it’s for that reason that Wicked Camper’s has a Barcelona location for you to rent a camper van.

21. Wicked Campers Dublin

Wether you want to visit Ireland to drink beer or to visit a castle or two, Dublin is the place to pickup your camper van for touring all of the United Kingdom.

22. Wicked Campers Edinburg

A popular United Kingdom camper van route includes Edinburg, so wether you’re starting or finishing here, you’re covered.

23. Wicked Campers London

London will probably be your starting off point for your camper van trip around the United Kingdom.

24. Wicked Campers Malaga

Another great location to rent a camper van in Spain is the port city of Malaga. Wether you’re planning on going north to Madrid or venturing across the Strait of Gibraltar to Africa, Malaga is a great place to spend a few days.

25. Wicked Campers Munich

As the only Wicked location, Munich is a perfect place to start your German or European camper van road trip as it’s ideally centrally located and close to a major international airport.

26. Wicked Campers Rome

What better way to see Italy than by camper van? Wether you head down to Naples or up to Milan, your Italy camper van adventure won’t leave you disappointed.

Wicked Campers Africa

In addition to having two South African locations, Wicked also has locations in Botswana and Namibia. Most of all, you can choose from a simple two seater or a five seater in order to accommodate everyone.

27. Wicked Campers Cape Town, South Africa

While Cape Town might be your kicking off point, you will have a lot of ground to cover on your South African camper van adventure.

28. Wicked Campers Gaborone, Botswana

It’s now possible to camper van through Botswana with Wicked. Wether you plan on driving into Namibia or South Africa, Gaborone is a great place to start your road trip.

28. Wicked Campers Johannesburg, South Africa

A proper South African camper van road trip will take you through Johannesburg, and what better way to see this natural beauty of South Africa than in a Wicked van.

30. Wicked Campers Windhoek, Namibia

As the capital of Namibia, Windhoek is the perfect starting-off point for your Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa camper van itinerary.

Wicked Campers Japan

While the only Wicked location in Asia is located in Tokyo, Japan, this should not stop you from road tripping down to Osaka and Hiroshima.

31. Wicked Campers Tokyo

Wether you’re more interested in the modern side of Tokyo or the ancient history, a camper van is a fantastic way to explore Tokyo and beyond.

Wicked Campers Canada

Although Canada is a huge country, the best way to see it is to get up close and personal. What better way to do so than in a budget friendly camper van?

32. Wicked Campers Calgary

Calgary to Vancouver to Montreal in a camper van? It’s been done. Now it’s your turn. Rather than spend thousands on a rental car and hotels, the best way to see Canada and the US is in a camper van.

33. Wicked Campers Montreal

If you have time on your hands, a great way to explore everything in between Ottawa, Toronto, and Quebec is in a camper van from Wicked. For the bold, an adventure through New England and down into New York City awaits you.

34. Wicked Campers Vancouver

Wether your plan to start in LA and drive to Vancouver or vice versa, Wicked has a location in Vancouver for your next camper van trip.

Wicked Campers USA

With only one location in the entire United States of America, Wicked Campers LA is your only option for a budget camper van in the US.

35. Wicked Campers Los Angeles, California

Considering how expensive California is, a budget friendly way to see this beautiful state is with a camper van. Wether your camper van route takes you to the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas, Wicked has you covered.

Wicked Campers Chile

It seems like the country of Chile stretches the entire west coast of South America. Because this country is so narrow, a great way to experience it is in a camper van from north to south or vice versa.

36. Wicked Campers Arica

As the northern most Wicked location, Arica might be a perfect starting-off point for your road trip down through Chile.

37. Wicked Campers Iquique

Wether you plan to start your camper van trip there, or just pit stop at the casino, Iquique is a stop on your Chile road trip that you don’t want to miss.

38. Wicked Campers Puerto Varas

You don’t want to miss Puerto Varas in southern Chile’s Lake District. Located off of Lake Llanquihue, Puerto Varas has stunning views of the Osorno and Calbuco Volcano.

39. Wicked Campers Punta Arenas

If you’re planning on backpacking Patagonia, you’ll probably find yourself in Punta Arenas, a city on Chile’s southern tip.

40. Wicked Campers San Pedro Atacama

Another must-see in Chile is San Pedro de Atacama, a town in the Andes mountains of northeastern Chile that varies from desert to salt flats and volcanoes to geysers and hot springs.

41. Wicked Campers Santiago

Chances are that you’re either starting or ending your Chile camper van trip in Santiago. Santiago is not only Chile’s capital city, but it’s also Chile’s largest city.

Wicked Campers Peru

Although no locations exist at the time of this writing, Wicked Campers Peru is in the works. This is going to open a window of camper van opportunities throughout Peru. My guess is that the first location will be in Lima or Cusco. Stay tuned for more on this in the near future!

Wether you’re planning a camper van holiday abroad or want to convert your own cargo van into a camper, check out some of my other #vanlife blog posts here.

Also, if you have any questions about renting a camper van, let me know in the comments below.

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