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Read on below to find out Yuengling Lager ABV, Yuengling Light ABV, and more.

Yuengling ABV

Yuengling ABV

Here is the alcohol by volume (ABV) content for every beer brewed by the Yuengling brewery. At this time, Yuengling brews nine varieties of beer including its flagship product, Yuengling Traditional Lager.
Yuengling BeerABV
Traditional Lager4.5%
Light Lager3.8%
Black and Tan4.6%
Lord Chesterfield Ale5.4%
Golden Pilsner4.7%

As you can see, Yuengling ABV ranges from 3.8% for a serving of Yuengling Light Lager all the way up to 5.4% for 12 oz of Lord Chesterfield Ale. Right in the middle is Yuengling Traditional Lager with an ABV of 4.5%. Yuengling alcohol percentages can be found on Yuengling’s website in their Our Beer section.

Yuengling Lager ABV

Yuengling’s flagship beer, Yuengling Traditional Lager, has an ABV of 4.5%. Yuengling Lager ABV is right on par with what the National Institute of Health says a standard beer contains—5% alcohol content per serving.

When talking about Yuengling Traditional Lager ABV, it’s worth mentioning that Yuengling reintroduced its Traditional Lager in 1978 after not brewing it for decades. Now, Yuengling Traditional Lager accounts for right around 80% of sales.

Yuengling Light ABV

Yuengling’s low-calorie version of its Traditional Lager, Yuengling Light, probably has an ABV of 3.8%. As you can see on their website, Yuengling doesn’t advertise this low ABV. Most sources cite Yuengling Light ABV to be 3.8%.

It is not required by law to advertise a beer’s alcohol content on the label. My guess is that Yuengling doesn’t want its consumers to know how low Yuengling Light alcohol content  is. Otherwise, they might choose a stronger light beer like Bud Light or Miller Light, both of which have an ABV of 4.2%.

Yuengling did not respond to my request for the actual ABV content of Yuengling Light.

Yuengling Black and Tan ABV

Perhaps Yuengling’s most unique beer, Black and Tan, has an ABV of 4.6%.

Black and Tan is a mixture of 60% Porter and 40% Premium. Yuengling Porter ABV is 4.7% while Yuengling Premium ABV is 4.5%.  Just for the fun of it, let’s check the math here to see if things add up.

And there you have it—a combination of 60% Yuengling Porter and 40% Yuengling Premium yields a Yuengling Black and Tan ABV of 4.6%. Right on point.

What Is the Highest Yuengling ABV Beer?

The Yuengling beer with the highest ABV are the Lord Chesterfield Ale and Oktoberfest, both with an ABV of 5.4%.

Lord Chesterfield Ale is Yuengling’s most hoppy beer while Oktoberfest is Yuengling’s only seasonal beer at this time. Both of these beers are the only Yuengling beer with an ABV above 5%.

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